full nameconstanza 'connie' alvarez

birthdatejune 17, 1994 / 24 years old

bornalbuquerque, new mexico

current residencesan francisco, california

occupationgrad student, cyber security intern at sony

educationmit bs in computer science '16, currently enrolled at stanford for ms computer science (computer & network security)

sexualitykinsey 3

status single af

personalitygemini others tbd

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comicverse: spider-girl (anya corazon)
On her first day at Milton Summers High School in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, Anya Corazon is caught in a skirmish between two mystical clans called The Spider Society and the Sisterhood of the Wasp, and is mortally wounded. To save her life, Miguel, a mage from the Spider Society, performs a ritual on her by giving her a spider-shaped tattoo that endows her with spider-like powers, and recruits her to be a Hunter for the Society. WebCorps offers Araña various costumes, but Araña decides to make her own costume. She designs a costume with red and blue sneakers, blue track pants, red backpack, red gloves with many pockets, and large yellow-lensed goggles. As part of her powers an insectoid exoskeleton covers most of her body with a bug-like bluish skin. In place of equipment like web-shooters or spider tracers, Araña created her own modified bolas out of discs that are about the size of her palm and have eight red legs able to grip objects. Araña fights a Hunter from The Sisterhood of the Wasp, adversaries of the Spider Society[...]
Spider Physiology
      Superhuman Strength
      Superhuman Speed
      Superhuman Stamina
      Superhuman Agility
      Superhuman Reflexes
      Biological/Organic Webbing Generation
      Shadow Camouflage
Skeletal Flexibility
S.H.I.E.L.D Training

pb: camila mendes, threading, adult scenes or ftb + customs, plotting, random scenes welcome